A bit about Facetune

The original Facetune was released in 2014 and quickly proved to be an instant hit. Since then, Facetune has evolved – or should we say went through a glow up –  into the top self-editing app on the market. Today, Facetune not only includes the photo editor that everyone knows and loves, but also a first of its kind selfie video editor that allows creators to edit from the palm of their hands.

Here at Facetune, our entire mission is to help you highlight what makes you, well, you!

We believe that everyone should have the tools to express their vision and share it with the world.

Facetune is part of Lightricks, whose mission is to push the limits of technology to reimagine the way we create and express ourselves. Lightricks was founded in 2013 with the mission of reinventing the way the world creates content. Fast forward to today, and Lightricks offers an entire platform of tools and services that enables anyone to create their own unique content right from the comfort of their phone. From retouching photos to creating one-of-a-kind videos, Lightricks offers fun and powerful content creation tools for creators of all levels.