Blur images in just a tap

Enhance your shots! With Defocus, apply a blur effect
to make images blurry, create faded looks, or blur the background of photos to spotlight a focal point.

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Blur images with Facetune

Elevate your focal point

Make your photos pop! Facetune’s blur effect allows you to add depth and a unique touch to your images. By swiping over any area, you can create a faded background or blur photo elements, making your chosen focal points to truly stand out.

Faded Background
Blur any object in photos

Blur objects in photos

Life's full of surprises – and not always the ones you want in your photo. No worries; our photo blur effect has your back. From unwanted graffiti to a signboard, blur them away and keep your photo's subject stealing the spotlight.

Adjust blur on your terms

Every photo is unique, and our Defocus tool recognizes that. Adjust the blur photo effect to your liking, ensuring every image resonates with your style.

Adjust photo blur effects to your liking
Blur faces and license plates in photos

The versatility of blurring photos

Facetune's Defocus tool isn’t just about aesthetics. Need a photography blur background for that cinematic touch? Done. Want to blur a license plate for privacy? Consider it handled. Dive in and explore!

How to blur a photo?

  • 1

    Choose your photo

    Begin by selecting and uploading the image you wish to enhance.

  • 2

    Head to 'Defocus'

    Once your photo is up, locate the 'Defocus' icon.

  • 3

    Swipe to blur

    Here's where the magic happens. Gently swipe your finger over the areas you wish to blur.

  • 4

    Adjust to perfection

    Use the sliders to fine-tune the blur's intensity. Whether you're going for a subtle haze or a deep blur, you have complete control.

  • 5

    Further enhancements:

    Why stop at blurring? Dive into Facetune's extensive suite of editing tools to further refine and elevate your photo to new heights.

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Blur Photo FAQ

How can I blur parts of a photo?

Use Facetune's blur effect tool, Defocus to easily blur specific areas like faces in photos or license plates. Select the area, adjust the blur intensity, and save.

How can I blur a picture on an iPhone?

With Facetune, blurring an image on your iPhone is a breeze. Just upload your photo, navigate to the 'Blur' tool, and swipe over areas you wish to blur. Adjust the intensity, save, and voila!

How can I blur the background of a photo?

Looking to make that subject pop? Facetune makes it effortless to blur backgrounds. Simply select the 'Defocus' tool and focus on the background, leaving your subject in sharp clarity.

Is Facetune’s app blur capabilities free?

Absolutely! While Facetune offers a range of premium features, you can blur photo backgrounds free of charge.

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