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Flip your images horizontally or vertically or rotate images, to get that just right shot.

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Flip pictures in any direction with Facetune

Flip images horizontally or vertically

Flip your world around with Facetune! Whether you need to flip an image horizontally or vertically for that perfect alignment or to add a dash of creativity, our image flipper tool has got your back. 

Flip photos horizontally or vertically
Flip images upside down

Rotate images:
explore new angles 

Ever thought about turning things upside down – literally? With Facetune, you can flip your image 90 or 180 degrees.

Create an upside-down edit or a perfectly aligned portrait. Rotate your images and discover perspectives that add a whole new dimension to your photos. It's not just editing; it's about seeing things from a new angle.

How to flip an image

How to flip an image:
  • 1

    Open the Facetune app

    Kickstart your photo editing adventure by uploading a photo.

  • 2

    Head to the ‘Adjust’ section

    Within the photo editor, head to ‘Adjust’ and then ‘Crop’- here you’ll find our flipping and rotating tools.

  • 3

    Choose your action

    Opt for 'Flip' to mirror your image horizontally or 'Rotate' to spin it around.

  • 4

    Final touches

    Once flipped or rotated, spice it up with Facetune's editing tools.

  • 5

    Share your art

    Flaunt your finalized edits on social media!

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Flip images FAQ

What is a flipped image?

A flipped image is your photo's chance to see the world from a new angle! Using our image flipper feature, you can switch things up: flip horizontally to swap the left and right sides, like a mirror reflection, or go vertical to turn your photo upside down. It's a quick, fun way to change your photo's perspective or to add an unexpected twist to your images!

How to flip a picture on an iPhone?

Flipping photos on an iPhone using Facetune is super easy. Open the app, select your picture, and tap ‘Adjust’ and then 'Crop'. Then, hit the 'Flip' button to switch your image horizontally or vertically. It's that simple – no tech wizardry needed!

How to flip a picture on an Android?

Android users, we've got you covered! Open Facetune, choose your image, and tap on ‘Adjust’ and then 'Crop'. Here, you'll find the option to 'Flip' your photo. Select it to flip photos on Android just the way you want. Effortless editing at your fingertips!

How to rotate an image 180 degrees with Facetune?

Rotating an image 180 degrees in Facetune is straightforward. Select your photo, go to ‘Adjust’, and then 'Crop' and then use the 'Rotate' feature. A couple of taps and your image will be completely turned around, giving you a fresh perspective!

How to mirror an image with Facetune?

Currently, Facetune doesn't offer a feature to create a mirrored image.. Stay tuned for updates, as we're always looking to expand our toolkit!

Can I flip my image for free on Facetune?

Yes, you can! Flipping your image on Facetune is free.

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