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Discover the endless ways you can effortlessly elevate the look and style of your videos with Facetune’s video retouch tools. Tap once to look your best and let us do the rest.

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Lights, camera, stunning skin: retouch face in videos

Enhance your natural look in videos with our retouching tools, making sure you always appear refreshed and camera-ready. Perfect for creating video content without spending hours on editing!

Smooth skin in videos for an even look, conceal those under-eyes from late nights, and keep sweat and shine at bay with Matte, even in the stickiest situations. Don't forget those brows – fill them in and frame your gorgeous eyes!

Retouch your face with our video retouching app
Retouch your entire video with AI Enhance

Make your entire video glow with AI Enhance

The perfect tool doesn’t exi-YES, yes it does. Your search for that glowy finished look ends here. With our AI video enhancer, focused solely on enhancing your skin in videos, discover all the retouching you’re looking for— brighten, smooth, and bring a natural shine to your face.

Whether it’s for a quick tutorial or a detailed vlog, share every post with confidence, all while keeping it real and uniquely you.

Bring on the light! Brighten videos in seconds

Highlight your natural radiance in every frame with our video retouching tools. No sun? No problem. Get sunkissed skin that’ll make every selfie feel like a dream vacation. Want more light? Rely on our Vibrance tool to bring out the details and add a pro-looking finish.

Make sure your content looks inviting and professional, ready to engage your audience.

Brighten videos with our video retouching app

How to retouch a video

How to retouch your face in a video
  • 1

    Upload your video

    Launch the Facetune app and select your video.

  • 2

    Discover Retouch tools

    Head to retouch and explore – Enhance, Smooth, you name it.

  • 3

    Edit with precision

    Choose 'Manual' for hands-on control. Apply an effect and adjust its intensity with a slider.

  • 4

    Download and share

    Your retouched video is ready to hit the social scene!

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Video Retouch FAQ

Can I use the video retouch tool online?

Currently, Facetune's video retouch magic is confined to our app, ready for you to use anytime, anywhere.

How does AI Enhance work when retouching my video?

AI Enhance is the magic wand your videos didn’t know they needed – until now. It intelligently assesses all skin in your video to brighten, smooth, and makes your facial features glow, all in a tap. It’s like having a professional touch-up artist in your pocket!

Can Facetune also retouch my photos as well as videos?

Yes! Whether it's a photo or a video, Facetune is your go-to for the top photo retouch app.

How to retouch my skin in a video?

Easily touch up your skin in videos with Facetune's tools. Opt for 'Smooth', 'Matte', and 'Conceal' to enhance your skin's appearance quickly and effectively.

Is video retouching available on Android?

Our video retouching magic is available on many Android devices, but check if yours is compatible for the best experience.

Is Facetune’s video retouch app free to use?

Most of our video retouch tools require a VIP subscription, but you can subscribe now and start with a free 7-day trial to experience the magic for yourself.

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