How to take a selfie: 13 tips that make a difference

Master the perfect selfie: Tips for every angle, lighting, and smile.

Tally Moran
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How to take a good selfie
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In the world of selfies, it’s all about embracing your uniqueness and letting your true self shine through. Facetune is here to amplify what makes you, well, you! With the power of Facetune, personal expression knows no bounds. Whether it’s tweaking the backdrop of your latest selfie or adding a splash of color to your hair, Facetune empowers you to present yourself in the best light possible. Ready to explore how? Let’s dive in!

Choose the right background

Your backdrop says a lot about your selfie. With Facetune’s Backdrop tools (background changer for photos), you can say goodbye to boring walls and hello to stunning scenery. Whether you want to pretend you're at a chic cafe or standing in front of a graffiti wall, Facetune can take you there, no travel required.

Best Backgrounds for the Perfect Selfies - Facetune

Find your light

Lighting can make or break a selfie. Too dark, and you’re a silhouette; too bright, and you’re a ghost. Facetune’s lighting tools help you find that just-right glow, banishing shadows and highlighting your features perfectly.

Selfie Lighting Tips by Facetune

Find the best angle for selfies

Angles are everything in selfie science. It’s about finding that sweet spot where you feel most confident. Try tilting your head slightly, go for the classic high angle, or experiment with a side glance. Snap from above for a playful vibe or straight on for that confident look. Play around with poses and angles, and remember, it’s all about enhancing your natural beauty, not reinventing it.

How to Find Your Best Angles for Selfies - Facetune

Flash your pearly whites: whiten teeth in photos

A great smile is your best accessory in a selfie. If you’re looking to brighten your smile, Facetune editor’s teeth whitening tool is like your digital dentist - quick, painless, and instantly gratifying.

Use the teeth whitening tool to showcase your natural smile

Express yourself with different selfie styles

Why stick to one look when you can experiment with many? Imagine changing your fashion and hair game daily as easy as tapping your screen.

With Facetune’s AI image editing, dive into new outfits and hairstyles with one-tap magic. From rocking a bold new hair color to trying on the latest fashion trends, explore new aspects of your personality and keep your feed fresh.

Selfie Hair Styles - Facetune

Using flash vs not using flash

To flash or not to flash? While natural light is king, Facetune can help correct those red-eye moments when the flash was your only option, ensuring your eyes sparkle naturally in every shot.

Get rid of red eye in photo with Facetune

Minimize/maximize your features: bring out your best

Naturally accentuate your facial features. Got a pimple? ‘Heal’ it away. Tired eyes? ‘Conceal’ those under-eyes for a refreshed look. And don’t forget to use the AI image enhancer tool to brighten, smooth, and make your entire photo glow. Use Facetune’s Retouch tools to enhance your features in a way that feels true to you.

How to Make Your Selfies Look Better with Facetune

Experiment with digital makeup

No need to redo your makeup or touch up the day's wear before snapping a selfie. Facetune’s makeup photo editor brings the beauty salon to you. Our Beauty Looks feed offers a variety of presets for that chic makeup look, fresh out of the salon. For more detailed edits, play with individual tools like water-resistant eyeliner and smudge-proof lipstick to create your just right look without the fuss.

Play with Facetune’s digital makeup presets

Experiment with trendy edits

Dive into Facetune's AI Selfie filters for striking visuals that capture all your moods. Whether you're feeling angelic or devilish, glam or gothic, our AI Selfie generator lets you experiment while keeping your unique facial features in the spotlight. Plus, with our versatile photo filters and effects, match your photo's vibe to your current mood with just a few taps.

AI Trends of Selfie Filters & Effects - Facetune

Share your selfie with the world

Once you’ve captured your selfie, it’s time to share it with the world. With Facetune, slay a new look every day and keep your social media vibrant. Whether it’s for Instagram or beyond, showcase a new you with each post, keeping your followers guessing and engaged. Let your selfie speak volumes about who you are.

Your selfie, your rules

Your selfie, your rules. Remember, the secret on how to take a good selfie lies in your confidence and self-love, the ultimate filters. With these selfie tips and Facetune's supportive toolkit, you're equipped to showcase the most genuine version of yourself. Facetune champions your individuality, offering everything you need to enhance your selfies subtly and expressively. So, embrace these tools, snap that selfie, and let the world see the unique beauty that is you!

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Join a community of 200M+ and discover why Facetune is the world's top selfie editor.
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Bring out your best self in your selfies with Facetune
Join a community of 200M+ and discover why Facetune is the world's top selfie editor. Experience the fastest and easiest way to edit with our ultimate one-tap tools, made for every skill level.

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