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I get it, you don't wanna be a snooze fest in your selfie. Not to mention, the idea of being labelled as standard or conventional has you seeing spots.

Now, before you go fainting on us, why not try out some of these hipster selfie ideas to add some hipster vibes into your Instagram feed?

1) Hipster glasses

Sure, it's kind of a stereotype, but what piece of apparel do you think of when you think of a hipster?

Glasses right? Large, oversized, nostalgic glasses.

Easy to photograph in a selfie, skip the contacts and reach for the hipster glasses. You're welcome.

2) Location, location, location

A record store, your fav coffee shop, some store crawling with plants and vintage furniture, a hipster location is an easy way to take a hipster selfie.

Opt for a mirror selfie to get in as much of the location as possible.

(who said you have to be hipster to take a hipster selfie? not us!)

3) Dress the part

Okay, maybe location isn't enough for you. Perhaps you really want to embrace that whole hipster feeling in your selfie.

Well, then dress the part.

Come on, I don't have to explain this one to you. We all know what a "hipster" wears: plaid, a vintage tee, a beanie, a retro button down.

When in doubt, trust your old friend Pinterest to help you nail down that hipster look in your next selfie.



4) Props

Okay, so you've got the location and the look nailed down. What else is there to add to give even more hipster vibes?


Maybe it's a cup of coffee from a local roaster, or perhaps you're sipping on a beer from a local craft brewery. Hell, maybe you're even jamming out to your fav hipster tunes and you selfie with your headphones on (a guitar will also win you some hipster points).

If you're truly a hipster, we don't need to tell you what props to use, you've already got them.



Generate AI Images with your own selfies

Create AI Avatars

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